Forum upgrade - details

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Forum upgrade - details

Post by sp3ctre » Thu Mar 30, 2017 8:53 am

Morning all,

The upgrade last night didn't exactly go to plan... see the following thread:


That said, I thought I would give you some background as to what has changed and why (contrary to some people's belief, I don't introduce change just to mess with you) ;)

You may have noticed an influx of spam recently. I have upgraded the forum software to the newest version which included Recaptcha v2.0 (the "I am not a robot" one). This works pretty well at weeding out automated bots.... it doesn't prevent human spammers, but that is a much harder task. I may well see if I can crack that nut as well, but one step at a time.

Other benefits to the upgrade are:

Emoji's on your phone should work now (previously they broke the post)
We can now run on PHP 7, which should bring speed increases... we haven't enabled it yet, but will do soon.
Some of our previous addons will soon be returning (hidden polls etc)

There are some more benefits, but those are the most obvious ones. Please see the above thread for any issues you may be having... there are a few things to iron out but 99% of issues can be fixed by refreshing the browser and/or clearing the cache.
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Forum upgrade - details

Post by buzyg » Thu Mar 30, 2017 9:31 am

8) :thumbsup:

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