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Goodridge braided hose - rear - split or worn through

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Goodridge braided hose - rear - split or worn through

Post by JSz4 » Tue Sep 26, 2023 11:39 pm

My 2003 E85 3.0i was at an indy garage for an MOT last week and I had a call that a rear offside brake line was split. I thought this was very odd since I'd fitted Goodyear braided lines approx. 6 years ago.

I ordered a replacement set (£160) as you can't buy one line individually and was concerned others might split, fluid (£50) and was charged £180 for 2hrs labour fitting them and replacing the fluid so £390 in total.

The brake line is the shorter of the two rear lines and I've posted it back to Goodridge but was wondering if anyone has come across this position of braided line splitting like this? ... j3ti7pb0c6

Does it look like it has rubbed against something and worn through? I am worried about the possibility of this occurring again, losing the brakes when driving and/or having to pay another £390 at some stage.

At the start of July I had powerflex rear control arms fitted as well as upper and lower wishbone and trailing arm bushes replaced and M3 CSL alignment applied so I'm wondering if this may have something to do with it.

Any advice would be really appreciated, thanks Jeremy

(sorry for link, can't get pic to work)

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Goodridge braided hose - rear - split or worn through

Post by BumpyZ4 » Thu Sep 28, 2023 3:43 am

It looks like it was rubbing on something.
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