Video From Pebble Beach, Live action Z4

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Video From Pebble Beach, Live action Z4

Post by Deepseaskateboard » Thu Aug 17, 2017 10:08 pm

A video of some BMW execs talking about the Z4 at pebble beach.

Z4 looks very wide driving up to the stand.

Also notice the 507 parked up with the other Zs in the background.

Nice they included it, I think the E89 shares a few cues to the 507 styling.

New car looks great.

Z4 approach starts around 8:10

He talks about the Z4 headlights being vertically stacked for a 'dynamic look' but says: 'this will be unique to the concept Z4'

So we may get more classic wider headlights on the production model.

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